Bahl Fratty bottle label showing a typewriter at the bottom reminiscent of a vineyard.

Bahl Fratty

2022 Bahl Fratty Riesling


Dan Berger standing outside next to a wooden pergola
Dan Berger standing outside next to a wooden pergola.

COLE RANCH, Mendocino County (DB) - Completely dry RIESLING is rare among American wines. The world's best examples are designated in Germany by special terms that define high-quality, single-vinyard sites with unique personalities.

It's widely believed that Cole Ranch qualifies as one of the finest sites for Riesling in the United States. About 2005, wine columnist Dan Berger began to see the U.S.'s smallest appellation, Cole Ranch, as unique for dry Riesling.

Soon he was certain it could make fabulous dry wines. In 2022 he joined forces with vineyard manager Mike Lucia and one of the world's finest winemakers, Greg La Follette, to create a bone-dry Riesling, with consulting assistance from longtime Fox Run winemaker Peter Bell of New York. Label design and art by Bob Johnson.

Bahl Fratty Dry Riesling, a onetime hallucination that’s now liquid reality, is available for sale at $38 a bottle. Technical difficulties during a surreal bottling process reduced production to 95 cases in this first vintage. To allow as many dry-wine obsessives as possible to acquire this curious potable, one-case maximums are available for the first 30 days. All orders during that time will be shipped at a flat fee of $15, regardless of quantity. After 30 days, the per-buyer limit is six bottles.

As may be evidenced by reading the label, this wine is completely dry. We believe we are nothing if not transparent. Some have also used the term lunatic. Pertinent statistics are on the label. We think this is the driest Riesling ever made in the United States and rivals in dryness any Riesling ever made anywhere, intentionally, that is. The reasons for this were stated in several articles over the last few years.

This wine is not the last that our avid (and misguided?) supporters will hear from us. In 2023, we have arranged to obtain fruit from three different, dramatic cool climate Riesling vineyards, from which we intend to make approximately 100 cases of vineyard-designated dry Rieslings, each in a similar style. One of those vineyards again will be the sensational Cole Ranch in Mendocino County, which I consider to be one of the finest places in North America to grow Riesling.

Buyers of two or more bottles from this first vintage will be entered in our nascent wine club, which has a buy-in cost of zero and a requirement to purchase of zero. There are no membership dues, no membership cards, and nothing to elevate your personality except what happens after you take your first sip of our first vintage. The only maladies that we hope this elixir will aid are the blues.

Rest assured that the future of this wine is where its manifest destiny lies. Bottles are sealed with excellent 20-year corks and we believe strongly that the wine will be significantly improved over the next decade or more.

For further information about this venture contact Dan Berger at 707-479-9463.

A final note. Our business name is Enological Suicide eGG.